Bertazzoni Appliances

Francesco Bertazzoni, the company's creator, was inspired to create and keep creating some of the most cutting-edge kitchen appliances by his love of food, family, and engineering. For more than 135 years, Bertazzoni's wonderfully constructed culinary equipment has adhered to his guiding principles. Since then, the six generations followed suit, progressing and growing into one of the most renowned appliance manufacturers in the business. Their products are well worth the premium price because they use the most modern construction techniques and have precision features to help even the most passionate home cook.

Fine Italian Craftsmanship

For more than a century, the Bertazzoni family has been bringing unbridled Italian passion to cooking appliances. Their appliances marry the authenticity of 19th century Italian craftsmanship with state-of-the-art engineering. They embody the innovation and commitment for which Bertazzoni has come to be known.

What Our Customer Say

Meet the family. Choose a model to begin exploring ways to make it your own.

Real Customer

Nancy Nakano & Michael Mangano, MTM Building Group
Gilroy, CA

“We chose Bertazzoni for our showcase home because they had a good reputation, and manufactured products with a high end look at very competitive price.”
- Nancy Nakano, Designer & Real Customer

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