JennAir Appliances

Explore premium appliances that go above and beyond. With the conventionally commercial RISE Design Expression and the understated NOIRTM Design Expression, JennAir provides two unique design expressions that defy expectations. High-end appliances are supplied at an excellent price point as part of the company's commitment to delivering the experience of Attainable Luxury. With their high-end built-in appliances, you may find the ideal fusion of creativity, accuracy, and thoughtful design for every kitchen and hunger.

Noir Collection

Sensuality and geometry collide in this daring new minimalist NOIR collection. This slick and seamless line features crisp silhouettes with inviting reflections for you to explore. With a keen attention to details, this collection embraces a new expression of luxury styling.

Rise Collection

The all-new RISE collection features brass accents, heavy metal, and embraces a new expression of modern luxury. Inspired by jewelry and mixed metal trends, each piece is carefully crafted to disguise every vent, screw, and gasket so you can enjoy the beauty and power.

Obsidian Columns

Illuminated by over 650 LEDs, the dark obsidian finish erupts with reflective, high-contrast style. Ultra-quiet operation, impossibly precise control, and built-in connectivity converge for an invigorating experience.

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