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Over The Range Microwaves

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Best Over The Range Microwaves For You

Are you looking to replace the over-the-range microwave in your kitchen? Airport Home Appliances has the most extraordinary over-the-range microwave selections for your lifestyle with the newest types and brands and how-to guides like over-the-range microwave installation. We provide a wide selection of over-the-range microwaves from GE, Whirlpool, LG, Kenmore, and Frigidaire if the brand preference is essential to you.

If fashion is more important, you can shop based on attributes like finish, depth, fingerprint resistance, etc. Use our "low profile" filter, for instance, to restrict your online search results to microwaves with low profiles if you are specifically looking for a low-profile over-the-range model.

No matter which over-the-range microwave you select, it will undoubtedly make a significant difference, giving you extra counter space and updating the look of your kitchen. Uncertain of your goals? We're pleased to assist you in reducing your options and selecting the best choice for your location.

Over The Range Microwaves for Sale at Airport Home Appliances

Compared to a tabletop microwave, an over-the-range microwave takes up less room. Microwaves designed for use over a range or oven are known as OTR microwaves. It is a microwave that is placed over the stove or stovetop. This microwave offers cooking ventilation and is part of a set that matches the range. The under-microwave light is a practical feature because it casts light over the range and adds additional illumination for cooking. It is probably a built-in microwave if it is still above the stove, but it did not ship as a set with it. Effortless in the kitchen. Some OTR microwaves have a vent beneath them, sometimes known as a vented vent, that can be used as a range cover.

Still trying to decide whether an over-the-range microwave is the best option for your house? For more information on these high-speed cookers, consult our Microwave User Manual or contact our experts at (866) 304-4449.