Washer & Dryer Pedestals

Washer and Dryer Pedestals

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Washer & Dryer Pedestals

Laundry pedestals give washers and dryers more height and storage space. These pedestals are positioned beneath the washer and dryer to improve and increase each appliance's functionality. Find Washer and Dryer Pedestals that go with your laundry set. They come in white, black, blue, chrome, green, slate, and black stainless steel, white, and white stainless steel finishes. The sizes range in width from a modest 24" to a generous 30". To meet ergonomic requirements, washers, and dryers can be raised in height by up to 16".

One advantage of adding pedestals to your washer and dryer set is that you can load and unload many clothes without bending down awkwardly. With more height, you won't have trouble getting a pair of socks into the far end of the drum within the machine.

Washer and Dryer Pedestals on Sale at Airport Home Appliances

While the increase in height is the main advantage of washer and dryer pedestals, many also have other features. Some versions have storage compartments to conceal supplies like detergent, fabric softeners, aroma enhancers, and spot removers. Since you never know what your pet or family with young children might get up to in the hallways, this is very helpful. Also, some of these cavities are exceptionally large. When it's time to hang your delicates to dry, feel free to put equipment like hangers inside and remove them. After drying, you can keep those unattractive hangers out of the way. That brings the laundry room one step closer to being more organized.

Some washer dryer with pedestals goes further by including a second washer, allowing you to wash two loads simultaneously. Smaller loads can be cleaned with this technique, which helps save water and energy use. With no need to wait for a full load, you can wash your favorite shirt whenever you choose during the week.

Washer and dryer pedestals are available from many top brands at Airport Home Appliances, including LG, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and others. Pedestals are a terrific addition to your laundry needs, whether you need to lift machines just a few inches off the floor or need a place to keep laundry accessories. Find a pair of Washer and Dryer with Pedestals that are the ideal fit for your laundry appliances by reading reviews.