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Washer & Dryer Sets

Airport Home Appliance offers a variety of washer and dryer sets to assist you in finding the ideal laundry set. Both a washing machine for cleaning and a drying machine are included in these sets, eliminating the need to hang wet goods to dry. Smaller homes should have the same cleaning resources as more enormous mansions with laundry facilities. Additionally, you only have a place for one dryer in a space the size of a closet. However, this is only sometimes the case. Choose a washer-dryer combination that serves all of your household's demands (and none that it does not).

Their target market is smaller households—young families, couples, and single residents. You'll need a more powerful appliance, like a top-load or frontload washer if you have a full-fledged home with many children commuting to school and sporting events. Let's explore why a washer/dryer combo unit would be ideal for your home and whether you need to upgrade your size.

Which Washer and Dryer Set To Choose?

A top load washer and a front load dryer are put in full load washer and dryer sets. You won't need to stoop to drop the laundry into the washer because it has a top door. Some top-loading washers don't have agitators, which increases loading capacity to 5.7 cubic feet. These top load pairs can have pedestals added for extra height, simple accessibility, and storage.
Large amounts of clothing will be simple to load and unload with frontload washer and dryer sets. The combined capacity of frontload washers and dryers can reach up to 6.0 cu ft, making it simple to fit oversized comforters. Some pairs can be stacked with this frontload door layout. The small space that a stackable laundry pair uses makes them ideal for flats and apartments.

The width of washers and dryers can range from a little 21" to a massive 30". Installation of electric washer and dryer sets is as simple as plugging them into the outlets in your home. To guarantee that fabrics come out clean every time, some washers offer up to 37 wash cycles, including quick wash, delicates, and steam clean. So that you won't have to worry about overdried, harsh, and shrunken outcomes, dryers can also have up to 37 dry cycles.

Shop For Washer And Dryer Sets from Airport Home Appliances

To suit your aesthetic preferences, washer and dryer sets come in various finishes, including stainless steel, black stainless steel, white, black, blue, brown, red, chrome, silver, and slate. Discover the most well-liked washer and dryer sets from Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, and more brands. Read reviews on washer and dryer sets to find out what customers love.

At Airport Home Appliances, we often provide enticing discounts on brands of your choice, so you never have to worry about missing a sale. We are just a call away at (866) 304-4449